Cat Stevens Back In The News

August 16, 2007

Baby boomers delighted at Cat Stevens Wild World and Peace Train, Father and Son, and so many more melodious hits in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.  Cartoonist Rick London says “He was a beacon of sanity during very chaotic rebellious times with songs and lyrics that truly soothed the soul.”

Stevens is back in the news, not because of music, or even no-fly lists, but because of  a unique commemorative cartoon that London created with his Londons Times Cartoon team called “Cat Stevens”.  It simply shows a Cat Stevens caricature face on a cat’s body.

It is available at Rick Londonwear and the landing page for the products is: StevensLondon says, “We created this cartoon about four years ago but just released it onto  manufactured merchandise such as t-shirts, aprons, cuttin boards, sweats, women’s and kids tops, and other gifts and collectibles.   Both cat-lovers and Cat-Stevens-lovers really get a kick out of this memorabilia. There is not a lot of Cat Stevens collectibles out there and we really think his music was important enough so that we remember him.

When asked about Stevens strict conversion to Islam, London says, “That really has nothing to do with me or my business.  His religion is his business and his business only. I have no reason to (ever) get involved in someone else’s religious beliefs.  I may not follow his path, but I certainly respect it.”


Discovery Of World’s Largest Litter Box Baffles Archeologists

August 15, 2007

The world’s largest litter box has been discovered by two wandering cats on what scientists believe is a beach located about 40 miles south of the equator between Ecuador and Londons Times Cartoons.  In fact, cartoonist Rick London has already produced products such as tshirts, mousepads (pardon the pun), tote bags, sweats, women’s, men’s and kid’s tops, coasters, aprons and other gifts and collectibles at his store.  To view the giant litter box go to page  London says you are more than welcome to order products.  Cat lovers love this one.

Londons Times Cartoons is one of the most award-winning cartoons on the Internet.

World’s Largest Litter Box

Clever Cartoonist Combines Salvador Dali & Dolly Parton Creates Persistence Of Mammories

August 15, 2007

By now, in the cartoon world, when cartoonist Rick London has an idea, people stop, look and listen.  Now they are really looking at Salvador Dali Parton: Persistence Of Mammories at  which is the landing page of the cartoon products such as tee shirts, men’s women’s and children’s tops, mousepads, coasters, aprons, and more gifts and collectibles exclusively from London’s Times Cartoons by Rick London and his team of illustrators.

London says, “This one was very coincidental.  Most of our talented team of artists are really not into caricatures.  But we worked with one for awhile from Spain named “Gogue”. I explained the concept to Gogue and he had it rendered within four days. The big coincidence is his home in Spain is nearly within walking distance of where Salvador Dali was raised, and, like me, Gogue is a tremendous Dali Fan.”

London says when visiting friends in Tampa, they visited the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg and he stayed for four hours mesmerized by the phenomenal artwork of Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dali Parton Persistence Of Mammories

Londons Times Cartoons Explains…We Cover Every Topic You’ll Ever See On The Web…Or At Least Try

August 14, 2007

Woodchuck Physics

And that might not be too far from the truth.  The site, founded by Rick London in 1997, now has over 7000 images and many of them include topics that are quite popular on the Internet from 0% credit cards to insurance rates.  He also has a very popular store with tees, aprons, mousepads, tote bags, etc. at . He says just a few of the topics he covers besides the usual suspects such as relationships, sports, psychology, pets, etc are:

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Pugs Remain Top Dog For Funny Pet Merchandise

August 13, 2007

Cartoonist Rick London, founder of TeesThatPlease says that once again, the Pug rules.

See Pug Merchandise:

Love At First Pug

London, an animal lover himself says, “I always thought the Pug was one of the cutest dogs ever.  They have a personality that is omnipotent and neverending. They are truly loveable animals. I can see why people take them in as part of their families and treat them like  people.  They should; of course they should with any dog or cat.

London owns a 20 year old stray bearded collie mix named Thor who he has on the b.a.r.f diet, herbal tinctures and spring water and Thor is doing “just fine thank you.

London makes merchandise from his pug cartoons on women’s tops, tees, kids shirts, mousepads, aprons, coasters sweatshirts and more.

Cartoons Regarding Depression Are Big Hits

August 12, 2007

Internet Cartoonist Rick London says that the cartoon item “Bipolar Bear” in his store Prozacwear is probably one of his biggest selling gift and collectible stores. The bipolar bear is available on tee shirts, sweats, hoodies, aprons, tote bags, aprons, coasters, mousepads, and much more.

London, like Peanut’s creator Charles Schultz (and many other well-known cartoonist) suffered a lifetime of depression.

London says, “I was one of the lucky ones. They discovered I had TRD (treatment resistant depression) and implanted the Vagus Nerve Stimulator and I rarely get bouts of depression anymore, and when I do, they are minor and generally leave as soon as they come.

London says he does the cartoons, certainly not to poke fun at mental illness, but to remind himself and others that if you happen to have the disease, laughter (though not tor replace treatment) is a wonderful form of therapy.

His theory is that laughter and smiling attracts people, often healthy people, and the depressed person tends to want to isolate (which makes the depression worse). So why not laugh, it sure beats crying and scaring good people away that can be helpful.


Available on numerous gifts and collectibles at

The Bipolar Bear

Critically-Acclaimed Cartoonist Rick London Combines Marilyn Monroe/Charles Manson To Prove Warhol’s Theory

August 12, 2007
Have you had your 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol promised us all. And if you did, how was it? I had several hours of it back in the late 1980’s when I created a bus tour in Washington, D.C which had “theater”, music and actors in it called Scandal Tours.It was fun, for awhile, but believe it or not became tiresome; media interviews daily etc., and frankly, I didn’t enjoy the business after a few months.

Had another brush with fame when I wasn’t even trying creating a cartoon on the Internet called Londons Times Cartoons. I had no idea I was becoming “famous” until I looked at the counter and saw million visitors on the counter since 2005. So I can honestly say, it didn’t change my life. I didn’t go out and buy a Ferrari or a big house on the ocean. I guess I could though. Too tired now and frankly enjoy the quietness and serenity of the quiet mountains of Arkansas and all it offers to keep one creative. The cost of living is low and much more energy can be spent being creative than “playing the fame game” and spending money on “survival”.

I used to live in New York City during the Andy Warhol days. I was spending my days in a public relations internship and nights trying to be a stand up comic. (I was no Jay Leno, believe me), but I could write funny lines. So I kept writing funny lines, putting them away in a shoe box, for future use. I had no idea what that future use would be, but I just knew they were funny from the feedback I received from friends and associates.

I was not impressed in Andy Warhol’s philosophy, though I do believe he gave a precise description of America’s fascination with fame. He pursued it heavily. When he wasn’t writing or drawing, he was out socializing with some of America’s top Hollywood associates. He had an agenda; to be famous. It worked. People don’t get famous drawing Campbell’s soup cans or Marilyn Monroe (though many have drawn them), he made it a political movement to become famous.

About a year ago, I had an idea. I decided to take one of America’s favorite celebrities in history, Marilyn Monroe, and one of America’s most notorious, Charles Manson and find a way to combine them in a cartoon. I knew I was not good at caricatures so I contracted with Spain’s top caricature artist “Gogue” and he rendered my idea. I named it “Marilyn Manson”.

I showed it to a good many people and got (expected frowns); even some people said I was sick. Some loved it and the products have sold very well. Tees, mousepads, totes, etc.

What they didn’t realize was that the cartoon had absolutely nothing to do with Charles Manson, Marilyn Monroe, or Marilyn Manson; it had to do with American’s fascination with celebrity and fame. It was a reflection of our dreams, hopes, desires, and ambitions.

It showed the positive side and negative side of fame and celebrity. It showed the power of celebrity and how easy it is to get, though it seems so elusive to so many. But celebrity per se is not important at all (Charles Manson proved that; he’s been behind bars for a half century. Unfortunately, Marilyn, who contributed much, and really was just beginning, died an untimely death.

Finally people (my cartoon fans) began to “get it”. We really do remain way too fascinated with how “the other half lives. The great irony is that, anyone can be a celebrity with a lot more than fifteen minutes of fame if he/she does not let obstacles, naysayers, etc. pull them down.

Believing in oneself and talents is indeed important, but constantly improving them and staying persistent is the key to your 15 minutes or more. I’ve had way more than my share and I can assure you I feel no different, have the same emotions, still sit on the floor and pet my stray dog, like to read Grisham, don’t go to fancy restaurants often; prefer to eat raw veggies at home, and even went back to school as an adult student to major in business.

So it is not the fame or celebrity that is important, it is how seriously you take it. My first time around, when I was in my twenties and thirties, I took it very seriously. I haunted every comedy nightclub every night in New York City. I sent out resumes. I tried to get on Letterman and Carson (who was host then). It remained elusive.

Now I sit back and do my “funny work” on the Internet. I don’t even try for fame or celebrity. I am not even sure what it is anymore. I have it, they say, but really, it doesn’t make a big difference than the starving artist  syndrome. I get to “hang” with some more educated and socially aware people and do business with them and I could clearly say that is a perk.  But fame or celebrity  ertainly it doesn’t mean “leadership”. It often means the opposite.

If you get a chance, take a look at my Marilyn Manson cartoon or merchandise and let me know if you see something in it that angers you. If it does, you probably “get it”. You know we were, somewhere along the line, misled about the importance of fame, fortune and all that goes with it.

Believe me, the cartoon is not about either of those two people. It is about our response to two famous entities, icons if you will, who led very opposite lives, Norma Jean (Marilyn) at least tried to make a positive contribution, Manson did his best (and succeeded) at doing the opposite.

One bit of trivia. Remember the Monkees from the 1960’s? Two famous people tried out for the Monkees and didn’t make it. Ready? Stephen Stills and…you guessed it. Charles Manson. Again, proof everyone feels entitled to their 15 minutes.

Sit back, relax, do your work, market, blog, write, study, and every day you’ll be adding much more than the 15 minutes Mr. Warhol promised.

Rick London is a writer, cartoonist, e-entrepreneur, inventor and full time student living in the Ouchata Mountains of Arkansas. He founded the largest offbeat cartoon site on the Internet Londons Times Cartoons, and several stores which feature his cartoon items. One of the stores is Rick Londonwear, where one can find the Marilyn Manson products mentioned in this article at The main store site is

Marilyn Manson Monroe

Crossdressing Collectibles? Victor’s Secret Released

August 11, 2007

Rick Londonwear, the creator of a myriad of funny pop culture merchandise has released “Victor’s Secret” which is one of his cartoons displayed on such merchandise as clothing, mousepads, aprons, tote bags, tee shirts, and more.  http://www.ricklondonwear.comVictor’s Secret

Possibly Rarest Original Star Trek Collectible Items Released

August 11, 2007

And its not what you think.  Cartoonist Rick London says he created “Captain Kirk On The Toilet” almost a decade ago.  It was not until he opened his store Ricklondonwear that he decided to manufacture it on gifts and collectibles such as tshirts, hodies, mousepads, tote bags, women’s tops, sweats, mousepads, etc.

You can order the items from on page:

London says, “We have about 7000 cartoons on our main site and by far I would say this one is the most popular and asked about. Had no idea there were so many trekkies out there.”

London says it’s not an easy task but with a large staff they are able to expedite orders as the customer wishes (four different choices from overnight to parcel post).

“Everyone loves this image called “Clean me up, Scottie”.  To be honest, I don’t get all that excited about most of our work, though I do enjoy doing it, but this is one of my favorites too. I was a big fan of the original Star Trek and Captain Kirk always held my attention.

Clean Me Up Scottie!

Just so you know

August 11, 2007

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