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Clever Cartoonist Combines Salvador Dali & Dolly Parton Creates Persistence Of Mammories

August 15, 2007

By now, in the cartoon world, when cartoonist Rick London has an idea, people stop, look and listen.  Now they are really looking at Salvador Dali Parton: Persistence Of Mammories at  which is the landing page of the cartoon products such as tee shirts, men’s women’s and children’s tops, mousepads, coasters, aprons, and more gifts and collectibles exclusively from London’s Times Cartoons by Rick London and his team of illustrators.

London says, “This one was very coincidental.  Most of our talented team of artists are really not into caricatures.  But we worked with one for awhile from Spain named “Gogue”. I explained the concept to Gogue and he had it rendered within four days. The big coincidence is his home in Spain is nearly within walking distance of where Salvador Dali was raised, and, like me, Gogue is a tremendous Dali Fan.”

London says when visiting friends in Tampa, they visited the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg and he stayed for four hours mesmerized by the phenomenal artwork of Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dali Parton Persistence Of Mammories