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Possibly Rarest Original Star Trek Collectible Items Released

August 11, 2007

And its not what you think.  Cartoonist Rick London says he created “Captain Kirk On The Toilet” almost a decade ago.  It was not until he opened his store Ricklondonwear that he decided to manufacture it on gifts and collectibles such as tshirts, hodies, mousepads, tote bags, women’s tops, sweats, mousepads, etc.

You can order the items from on page:

London says, “We have about 7000 cartoons on our main site and by far I would say this one is the most popular and asked about. Had no idea there were so many trekkies out there.”

London says it’s not an easy task but with a large staff they are able to expedite orders as the customer wishes (four different choices from overnight to parcel post).

“Everyone loves this image called “Clean me up, Scottie”.  To be honest, I don’t get all that excited about most of our work, though I do enjoy doing it, but this is one of my favorites too. I was a big fan of the original Star Trek and Captain Kirk always held my attention.

Clean Me Up Scottie!


Cartoon Merchandise Buyers Turning To Star Wars, Rock Stars, and Star Trek Items

August 4, 2007

Kidney Stones (A Rolling Stones Classic Collectible)



Internet’s Top Cartoon Superstore Says Star Wars, Star Trek, Rock StarTees And Parody Items Expected To Be Top Sellers Holiday Season

Rick London, founder of Londons Times Cartoons and it’s affiliate merchandising programs says that, based on recent and past sales, no doubt, parody collectibles of Star Wars, Star Trek and rock stars such as Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, and the Beatles will remain top-sellers this holiday season.

London says, “Since 1997, when we launched Londons Times Cartoons, it has been fascinating for me to watch trends and fads. There was a time when we couldn’t supply enough lawyer humor items (that still almost remains true but it is nothing like Star Trek, etc). is the exclusive purveyor of high quality Londons Times Cartoons merchandise such as t-shirts, aprons, sweatshirts, coasters, mousepads, etc.

London started the venture in a rural Mississippi warehouse ten years ago and it has grown to be the largest independent offbeat single-panel cartoon empire on the Internet.

London says, “We aren’t just a shop that sells ‘funny things’. We take great pride in our

quality, service, secure checkout, and fast shipment of items; not to mention fair pricing.”