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Cat Stevens Back In The News

August 16, 2007

Baby boomers delighted at Cat Stevens Wild World and Peace Train, Father and Son, and so many more melodious hits in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.  Cartoonist Rick London says “He was a beacon of sanity during very chaotic rebellious times with songs and lyrics that truly soothed the soul.”

Stevens is back in the news, not because of music, or even no-fly lists, but because of  a unique commemorative cartoon that London created with his Londons Times Cartoon team called “Cat Stevens”.  It simply shows a Cat Stevens caricature face on a cat’s body.

It is available at Rick Londonwear and the landing page for the products is: StevensLondon says, “We created this cartoon about four years ago but just released it onto  manufactured merchandise such as t-shirts, aprons, cuttin boards, sweats, women’s and kids tops, and other gifts and collectibles.   Both cat-lovers and Cat-Stevens-lovers really get a kick out of this memorabilia. There is not a lot of Cat Stevens collectibles out there and we really think his music was important enough so that we remember him.

When asked about Stevens strict conversion to Islam, London says, “That really has nothing to do with me or my business.  His religion is his business and his business only. I have no reason to (ever) get involved in someone else’s religious beliefs.  I may not follow his path, but I certainly respect it.”