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T-Shirt History & What The Wizard Of Oz Had To Do With It

August 24, 2007


The producers and promoters of the 1939 movie classic “Wizard Of Oz” knew before it was even released they may just have a classic on their hands. So for the first time in the history of America, a movie was promoted on a T-Shirt in addition to the traditional box office posters. The tees were as big a hit as the movie, yet nobody is quite sure who came up with the idea.

Since that time there have been other milestones that have boosted the sale of printed T-shirts. Farah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angels sold millions of tees during her stint on that program.

Millions of Americans are tee shirt collectors; over 63% say they have a “favorite tee shirt” and it is not unusual for the average American to own from ten to thirty printed design tees. But it is hardly an American phenomena. Today, over two billion tee shirts are sold worldwide.

Cartoonist Rick London has made his own parody remake of a “Wizard Of Oz” cartoon tee which shows Toto lifting his leg on the way to Oz. The caption reads “How The Yellow Brick Road Got It’s Name”. It was one of London’s early Londons Times “Panel Hollywood” classic panel cartoons. He likes to call the panel cartoon “The Wiz Of Oz”.

He also sells them on his website in the television and movies section of his site. It is one of his more popular selling images which he also manufactures and ships worldwide on mousepads, totebags, cutting boards, mens women’s and kids tops aprons, and other gifts and collectibles.


The Wiz Of Oz