Rare Picasso Renderings Of Castro, Snoopy Found At Arkansas Estate Sale







For Immediate Release Contact: Londons Times

July 26, 2007 info@londonstimes.us 501-588-1966




Rare “Picasso’s Castro” and “Picasso’s Snoopy” Found In Arkansas Attic



Cartoonist Rick London announced today from his home in Hot Springs, Ar that he is relatively

sure he has found several original Picasso’s (never even known of until today) at an estate sale near

Hot Springs, Ar.


London says, “If this is what I think it is, I have won the lottery. No more work as a waiter at




London went on to say that express that he is a fan of early radio and perhaps one of his most

favorite pieces of work was Orson Welle’s “War Of The World’s” in which people quckly jumped

to conclusions and knew for certain we had been invaded until the hoax was revealed.


London then adds, “And this is where I reveal the hoax. The two “Picasso” images are actually

images from our cartoon site, that are Picasso parodies; one of Castro called “Neo-Cuba-ism” and the

other of Snoopy called “Picasso’s Peanuts”.


London says, “I just wanted to see if we as a society’s mentality and naivety has evolved since the

early 20’th century when Welle’s was on the radio. I wanted to see how far a reader would investigate

a story before reaching a conclusion.


London sells licensed image products of his cartoons (including these two), on products such as

mousepads, t-shirts, coasters, sweatshirts, etc at www.londonstimestees.com.


The precise URL to view these two parody cartoon gifts or collectibles can be seen at



London says, “This has caused quite an uproar and I hope nobody got as upset (as when

‘War Of The Worlds’ was broadcast years ago). We’ve had a great deal of fun with these cartoons

and products and people really seem to enjoy owning them and giving them as gifts. London’s main

cartoon site features over 6500 cartoons and is one of the most visited sites on the Internet (over 7.5

million visitors since 2005) at www.londonstimes.us .






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