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Starry Starry Night: Londons Times First Cartoon, Venison van Doe Makes Its Debut On Merchandise

July 29, 2007


Cartoonist, e-entrepreneur, announced today that his group’s first cartoon, Venison van Doe has debuted on merchandise at on such items as tees, long sleeve shirts, coasters, mousepads, aprons, and sweatshirts.

London says, “It is almost impossible to look back and see that this venture was started a decade ago.  There is a lot of people to thank (for making me look good).”

Londons Times Cartoons works as a group with Rick London creating the concepts and writing the captions and a group of Londons Times Cartoons illustrators rendering them.

London says, “I really think the Internet has leveled the playing field as far as business,  marketing, and the like.  An entrepreneur today can truly create his or her own landscape and make something positive happen, if he or she so desires.”

The award-winning Londons Times Cartoons is one of the most visited sites on the Internet with over 7.5 million visitors since 2005.   It continues to grow at about 3000 or more visitors per hour. It is located at .


Londons Times Cartoons Says Tubas Are HOT!

July 28, 2007


Londons Times Cartoon founder, Rick London, announced today that “Tubas Are Hot!”….or at least tuba humor is.

“I have no idea why,” says London. “We put up a few tuba cartoon tee shirts, mousepads, coasters and other merchandise, and people love them. It kind of reminds me of what Gary Larson did for cows (remind us how funny they are); that maybe we are doing for the tuba-loving community.”

London continues, “To me, it is not that a tuba per se is funny. It is a wonderful instrument for music, and no symphony orchestra is complete without one; so why so funny? I have no idea. Nobody seems to have cartoons or jokes about guitars, violins or cellos. But say “Tuba” and its bound to bring a laugh. And I’m glad because I think our tuba cartoon merchandise is some of the best around.”

Rick London is a writer, entrepreneur and cartoonist in Arkansas. He founded Londons Times Cartoons (, Londons Times Tees ( and Londons Times Superstore (


Bon Jovi Parody Merchandise Continues To Top The Rest

July 28, 2007

Whether it is about science, rock stars, medicine, or romance, funny Bon Jovi memorabilia and collectibles such as t-shirts, sweats, mousepads, coasters, etc have won out over every other topic for the past four months.  Found of Londons Times Cartoons and Londons Times Tees says he really cannot explain it. Our manager Rich Diesslin (who rendered the cartoon “Bon Bon Jovi” or “Sex, Chocolate or Bon Jovi” says he hasn’t a clue as to why it has taken off, but both think it might be an appearance on the popular show “American Idol”.


Get the latest updates on Londons Times Merchandise sales before the rest!

July 26, 2007

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Rare Picasso Renderings Of Castro, Snoopy Found At Arkansas Estate Sale

July 25, 2007







For Immediate Release Contact: Londons Times

July 26, 2007 501-588-1966




Rare “Picasso’s Castro” and “Picasso’s Snoopy” Found In Arkansas Attic



Cartoonist Rick London announced today from his home in Hot Springs, Ar that he is relatively

sure he has found several original Picasso’s (never even known of until today) at an estate sale near

Hot Springs, Ar.


London says, “If this is what I think it is, I have won the lottery. No more work as a waiter at




London went on to say that express that he is a fan of early radio and perhaps one of his most

favorite pieces of work was Orson Welle’s “War Of The World’s” in which people quckly jumped

to conclusions and knew for certain we had been invaded until the hoax was revealed.


London then adds, “And this is where I reveal the hoax. The two “Picasso” images are actually

images from our cartoon site, that are Picasso parodies; one of Castro called “Neo-Cuba-ism” and the

other of Snoopy called “Picasso’s Peanuts”.


London says, “I just wanted to see if we as a society’s mentality and naivety has evolved since the

early 20’th century when Welle’s was on the radio. I wanted to see how far a reader would investigate

a story before reaching a conclusion.


London sells licensed image products of his cartoons (including these two), on products such as

mousepads, t-shirts, coasters, sweatshirts, etc at


The precise URL to view these two parody cartoon gifts or collectibles can be seen at


London says, “This has caused quite an uproar and I hope nobody got as upset (as when

‘War Of The Worlds’ was broadcast years ago). We’ve had a great deal of fun with these cartoons

and products and people really seem to enjoy owning them and giving them as gifts. London’s main

cartoon site features over 6500 cartoons and is one of the most visited sites on the Internet (over 7.5

million visitors since 2005) at .





Smilekipidia or “Everything Funny” Blog Finally Launched By Londons Times Cartoons at

July 24, 2007



  Rick London announced today the launch of his blog “EVERYTHING FUNNY” at

London, who is a cartoonist says, “A lot of people in the humor field don’t laugh a lot themselves, or at themselves. For a long time I was that way, (feeling I owned comedy or had a monopoly on it)…that can be a humbling experience.”

Finally, as years went by in the business, I realized, I still did like to laugh (as much as I loved making others laugh, if not more so. Hence the idea for the blog, “EVERYTHING FUNNY”.

  He adds, “With all the scandals, bad news, violence, etc. we are faced with today, there had to be a safe-haven where Internet surfers could go to get at least one good laugh a day.”

   Though the blog is moderated, London says he is very much against censorship. He will acceptany point of view, even if it is diametrically opposed to his own, but will not allow pornography,violence, racism,  sexism, or any other juvenile behavior that doesn’t fit into the category of humor to modern civilization.London’s cartoon site is at He says he likes his own cartoons just fine, and works with a wonderful group of illustrators, Rich Diessling, Henry Ramsanger, and Al Margolis.
He says, “If I had to choose a favorite cartoon it would be The Far Side….by far. Gary Larson was our major influence.”

EVERYTHING FUNNY accepts cartoons, funny photos, jokes, funny stories, etc. or linksto them. Everyone worldwide is encouraged to participate.

London says his goal is to make it so full of funny things it will be known as a “Smilekipdia”.

Crawfish 101 (Classic Londons Times Cartoon) To Benefit Katrina Families

July 24, 2007





Cartoonist Rick London, formerly of Hattiesburg, Ms (near New Orleans) announced today

that a percentage of sales of one of his cartoon classics “Crawfish 101”, which he said was

inspired by his love of New Orleans, will go toward the New Orleans Saints Katrina Relief

Fund. . London encourages others to donate to the fund (even if

they are not buying his cartoon merchandise.

I think it is simply the American thing to do. We have suffered two major disasters in this

decade on our soil, 9/11 and Katrina (not to mention countless others, but these two impacted

the whole country in a terrible way. We now can take action to make things better; albeit a bit

late, but better late than never.”

London founded CAT (Cartoonists Against Terrorism) the night after 9/11 to raise funds

for the families of firefighters and police and cartoonists worldwide donated to the site.

London said, “At my age (53), if I have any humor at all in me, it was received by osmosis

living near New Orleans. To try to explain that to the rest of the world would be ludicrous but

anyone who grew up in or near New Orleans knows exactly what I mean.

Growing up about a hundred miles from that great city, I remember on weekends, when

my parents would plan a family trip to the Big Easy, the whole family would laugh with

delight. We knew we would be in for a good time, and we were never let down.

I lifeguarded at the Southern Yacht Club one college summer (SYC) which may have been

the best and most memorable summer of my life,” says London, now living in Hot Springs, Ar.

In fact, I chose Hot Springs as my home as it reminded me of a smaller version of New

Orleans. I have friends here, and maternal family that lived here in the past but are all

gone, and they felt the same way, a “Mini-New Orleans”.

But we all feel, that no city in the world has the charm of New Orleans. It is such a special

hospitable place and the Londons Times Cartoon team feels obligated to do whatever little bit

we can (and will do).”

London founded Londons Times Cartoons in 1997 which is now one of

the largest cartoon sites on the Internet. He recently launched Londons Times Tees at The actual Crawfish 101 cartoon products can be seen at

this page:

The hilarious cartoon image is available on high quality t-shirts, mousepads, aprons,

coasters, and other items for men, women, and children.

For more information contact or 501-588-1966.

Londons Times Cartoons Premium Products Store Opens

July 23, 2007

Hi Londons Times Cartoons Fans (and future fans we hope…hint hint),

Thanks for your support for ten years enabling us to produce one of the largest cartoon sites on the Internet.

This week we launched Londons Times Premium Products for those who want a more upscale AND funny gift or collectible at As the URL states, we specialize in high quality 100% cotton digitally produced tees, but offer tote bags, mousepads, coasters, aprons, and more. Great gifts or collectibles for men and women (and kids).

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing!


Rick London

Londons Times Cartoons  (Premium Store)  (Superstore) (Main Cartoon Site)

One need not be Cajun to appreciate this gem by Londons Times team member Al Margolis:


Here’s one I love rendered by team member Henry Ramsanger:


Here’s a classic rendered by Rich Diesslin:


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July 23, 2007

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